About Academy

The Academy of Opera of Peking University was put on the agenda in early 2006 and finally established in January, 2010. As the first higher education and research academy of opera producing and opera performing in China, the Academy of Opera of Peking University will set up independent, complete and systematic disciplines of opera study.

Ideas: “To unite the west and the east, to be inclusive and compatible, to emphasize both professional skills and moral integrity and to aim at comprehensive development” are the ideas of our teaching and education. The teachers should be those who have not only comprehensive knowledge of both western and eastern cultures but also the mentality and open-mindedness to difference and diversity, while the students should also have strong desires to the pursuit of such knowledge and mentality. Our graduates should have a strong sense of beauty and be good at applying their aesthetic principles to artistic creation. Moreover, guided by their aesthetic principles, they should also have a strong sense of responsibility to the society and assume their roles as pioneers to satisfy the spiritual demands of the whole society by means of artistic creation and composition.